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I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 25 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up. This is the final prompt “Letter to beloved”. From the very beginning, this was one of the prompts I was finding hard to put into words. For this prompt, I am literally scratching my head (I wrote this for my previous post too but in front of this one, last one looked much easier (at least to me)). And I know the reason very well! I am not that expressive when it comes to emotions. Neither, do I say I love you nor I expect to hear it every now and then. I might sound slightly off-beat in today’s scenario but that’s how I am. I feel, it is something to feel and experience rather than saying it. It’s like a cool breeze we don’t invite but we want to experience. My definition of love is different than just saying I love you.

letter to belloved

To You…

My Dear Soulmate

You must be shocked to see this letter (if you happen to read it). You know me very well so you can imagine how hard it is for me to write a “letter to beloved”. But now when I am almost finishing up this writing challenge, how can I quit? That’s not me.. So I am trying my best. 

To me, love means, (all these points applies to me also)

  • Having a cup of tea together in the morning with him.
  • When I listen encouraging words from him .
  • When I get pampering. When he understands, even if she is a mom now and pampering her kiddos has become her second nature but still she will not mind little bit of pampering for herself.
  • When he understands she too need a helping her doing chores. Everyone does it when asked but sometimes asking “do you need any help” goes a long way.
  • When he listen to me without getting impatient.
  • When he understands if she seems angry or not so chilled out, giving her time to calm herself down and not getting angry at her for talking in not so very usual tone.
  • Understanding that her day is also like a rollercoaster and she is also trying to stay calm while performing her other duties.
  • Not staying mum if there is any argument especially, if she has calmed herself down and trying to be normal.
  • Appreciating her achievements, but yes tell her how she can improve herself too. She will not mind listening to that.
  • Even if she never says I love you, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Just that she is not expressive (this applies to me very well).

I am lucky enough to have you as my better half. It makes me feel proud when people two compliment each other very well or you two look so balanced. I hope this understanding will remain or increase with each passing year. Touch wood.  

With Love,


Your Soulmate


This is what love to mean to me. I might seem to be out dated but the definition of love is quite simple to me. I hope my better half reads it. Husshhhh….finally I completed the post.

And that’s the end of this LOL-A-Thon. If there was a 6th prompt, Letter to the hosts, I am pretty sure I would have written much longer letter than this.. 🙂 But no worries…thank you Prisha, Charu, Preetjyot for being such wonderful hosts and for giving such (simple looking yet challenging especially the last one) prompts for our writing. Thoroughly loved it…


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