Remembering you Akka-Anna, I wish you were here today..

For today’s prompt Letter to friend/neighbor/someone important, I decided to write it to my Aaji-Aajoba (means grand parents in Marathi) who I called Akka – Anna. I grew up with them, under their warm, care and unconditional love. They passed on so many good things to me and my sister and those our priceless possessions. I am fortunate to have them as an integral part of my life. Remembering you Akka-Anna, I wish you were here today…

letter to grandparents


Thanks to this lol-o-thon, which gave me a reason to write to them. I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 25 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.


Ti.Anna- Ti. Sau. Akka,

I wish to have you in my life today. Today after so many years I sat down to write a letter to you. Yes, letter of love to my Akka-Anna.

From where should I start? I have so much to say that it is hard to find words. You know when it comes to writing, I am not at a loss of words. Ohh..yes, yesterday I wrote an interesting letter. I wrote it to a Pen. Funny..isnt? While writing that letter, I was constantly remembering you. I guess the habit of letter writing came to me from you.. Anna. Since childhood, I have always seen you writing letters to our relatives in your neat handwriting on a post card. I always used to wonder, how you manage to write so much on that small rectangle? Till now, even a full A4 sheet falls short to me. I couldn’t learn that art from you. I remember, our letterbox used to be the one having maximum letters in the entire row. I remember, how you had organized the book shelf in your room according to the book height. I remember, how you used to update the address book in case of any changes. I remember, how you used to convert those long and boring History lessons into a story form and then everything used to look simple. I am following the same trick with Shreya. She is learning American History and when things gets tough for her, I narrate the whole chapter in a story form. She also loves this method the way I did. And yes, one more thing, during summer break, whenever we used to go for morning walks with you and those tons of pedestrians who would say ‘namaste’ to you, it always made me feel proud to see how famous you were in the whole campus. Me and Tai used to count how many people greeted you with folded hands and how many just waived. After a point, we used to stop counting.

I have so many memories of the later days as well but I think I have enjoyed my childhood days a lot with your presence. Okay, so now let me talk to Akka too.

Hello Akka, kashi aahes (how are you)? I am sure, Anna must have read his part to you. So, I am participating in a blogathon and today, I decided to write a letter to both of you. I had a good conversation with Anna after so many years. If he gave me his punctuality and sincerity in inheritance then you gave me your systematic way of doing things combined with neatness. Combined together it’s a complete package of goodies. Do you remember, when you used to take my studies and I used to memorize all the True and False in the sequence but later when you figured out my naughtiness, you used to change the order?!! Akka,  I miss the tamarind lollipop you used to make for us. You were like a coconut. Hard from outside and soft from inside. I remember, once when I mistakenly closed the door and your fingers were in the middle. I didn’t come out of the room thinking you would be badly hurt and would be mad at me. I kept crying inside my room. But then you came in and calmed me down. When I was young and Aai started to work, I used to call you Mothi Aai (elder mom) till she would get back home. You know what, your great grandchild also addresses his Aaji as Aai. History repeats’s true.:). I remember when I used to make French plaat of your hair because your hair had all the shades just enough to let anyone see the pleats.

There is so much to write and tell but I think I can talk about it much better than writing. I wish there was some kind of audio option for this writing challenge.

I can only say both of you were two gems. I am so blessed to enjoy my childhood in your warmth and now when you are not here with me, your teachings are there for me all the time. Please stay with me always!!




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