Social Media: It is high time for us to decide how to deal with it

Social Media has not only reshaped the communication industry but has also redefined how we communicate and express.

What should I post on Instagram?

I did not get many views on my last video?

All are doing live chats, should I also go for one but what topic should I talk? Will my readers like it?


Do these questions bother you? Have you experienced yourself surrounded by these concerns? Being a blogger and a freelancer, we have to be active on social media. We are expected to show our presence on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Whatsapp groups are our quick meetings spots for getting information on some upcoming campaigns or writing challenges or even for finding a quick solution to our blogging related doubts.


Social Media: It is high time for us to decide how to deal with it
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We can guess the popularity level from its daily usage. The number is so high that it has crossed the addiction level. We all are using social media everywhere. Now, we do not sit on the computer table. We are using it on the car, in a restaurant, train, even on a vehicle.


Lets jump into the benefits of social media first as we cannot deny its importance in our lives.


  • Benefits of social media are many like connectivity: Thanks to social media, we can now cross these boundaries virtually without caring about the border rules. We share our thoughts and ideas with any and everyone. We are able to celebrate birthdays virtually.


  • Education: Education is one thing that sets you apart from animals and animalistic societies. This is the only thing that gets a human to excellence. We have to name it and videos are there at our finger tips on various topics.


Now, if we have these positives so we have a few negatives too.


  • Ocean of Information: If you depend on the television sources for information, there is a possibility that you are in a blind spot. Every media house is under some rules and regulations that prevent them from sharing the complete details.


  • Anxiety and depressions: Do you remember the word troll was there in our dictionary before? But it entered our lives and has shown its presence.


  • Bullying: Cyberbullying is very common among youngsters. These bullying attacks and trolling leave deep scars on many user’s personalities, which are hard to heal. Do you remember the Bois locker room news? That is one of the negatives of social media. Check out this article on social media boon or ban for students.


  •  Comparison: If social media gives us information, but sometimes that information can become the reason for the complex as well. Others are doing so much, and we are not. They are managing multiple things with great enthusiasm, and we are still not able to figure out how to plan our day.


In the previous post, I talked about exercises to burn excess fat and tone your body. In that, I mentioned that if you want to lose weight because of body shaming, then that needs your attention first. Now let’s talk about the before and after pictures on Instagram. I have no issues with people posting the images of their hard work, but when others see it; and try to follow the path but do not get the desired results, it makes them upset. They only see the results; maybe the journey must have been very challenging.


To find an answer to the question that if social media is a blessing or curse, just one post or a couple of Instagram stories or Facebook chats are not enough. It is everybody’s sole responsibility to take charge of their lives and not let any outside force drive it. Let’s recall Shakespeare’s quote- “All that glitters is not gold.” If not Shakespeare, then we all have seen the movie Chupke Chupke (old) in which Big B says this. I am sure now you must have remembered.  So, what you see on social media is not always the reality. Don’t get carried away with it. To maintain our sanity level, we have to decide how to handle it. 


I am happy to come across Priyanka’s blog on Social Media Handles and Mental Health. While I was reading her blog,  I was nodding on every point as both of us think very much alike when it comes to social media. Do check it out. And I would like you to think about it that how you want to deal with social media. 




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