My kid doesn’t prefer TV. Should I be happy?

I was walking and chatting with friend along with my 1 year old munchkin in the stroller. As I walked inside the play zone, my little one pointed at a ball and said Baawll. As I was busy taking him out of the stroller, he pointed at few other things like light, phool (thats flower in our mother tongue) and said the words. My friend was surprised that how observant he is and how well he is able to communicate. She asked me does my kiddo watch TV? My answer was No. She said, wow..that’s why he is communicating. She sounded pretty concerned about her kid watching too much of TV. She said she tries to get him into play but he doesn’t like it for a long time. He prefers TV more. While coming back from the park, I was thinking about our conversation. My kid doesn’t prefer TV. Should I be happy? 


my kid doesnt prefer tv
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Sometimes I feel, he should watch little bit of TV so that I will get some breathing space :). His usual TV time is 5 minutes. But when I see him occupied either talking to me or observing me doing things, I feel he finds that more entertaining rather than screen time. So yes, I should be happy that my kiddo doesn’t prefer TV. Today, TV is an uninvited guest in almost every household. Gone are the days when it was a luxury. Now it’s the need. We are so used to of having screen in front of our eyes that even one day without screen time is too much for us. And our kids get this gift since birth. 🙂

I have written about how we can define TV criteria for kids earlier. Today after the chat I had with my friend I decided to write about whether I am happy that my kid doesn’t prefer TV? My answer is Yes. Why? There are many reasons why pediatrician say no TV till 2 years. But today with busy lifestyle, its hard to follow that. When we are tired, or busy we see TV as an answer and very soon  they get used to of TV’s presence.


  • Communication is always two ways: When we are interacting with each other, he understands that any communication is two ways. While doing screen time, he just has to listen.


  • Vocabulary building: That comes complimentary when there is more parent-child interaction. And that means lots of words. More screen time, fewer spoken words.


  • Aware about his surroundings: I have seen small kids holding their parent’s phone while taking walk or even in restaurant. When they don’t have any screen in front of them, they are more aware about their surroundings. They learn so many words unknowingly.


  • Learning patience: When we have to play together that means I should free from my work. Which means my kiddo has to wait. But what in the between finishing up work and playing? We again talk, I tell him what I am doing. Then when I say okay…let’s go. He knows it’s time to play.


  • Strengthens our bond: By talking more, playing together we are strengthening our bond. I know he will not remember this time but the teachable moments and the learning that comes along with this time will stay with him for rest of his life.


So whenever I feel why my kid doesn’t preferTV, I feel good knowing that it is helping him in many ways.


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