How to boost your toddler’s confidence?


Toddler is an exciting phase. Your child has reached many milestones and now growing fast, building vocabulary each day, learning to show emotions, started understanding what s(he) wants. But apart fro all this, confidence is another area about which we get concerned. On the other hand, it is a challenging or say confusing state for the toddler. Are you looking for some solutions? Here are few points from Mothers Gurukul. How can you boost your toddler’s confidence?


boosting toddler confidence
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  • Do not compare: This is the first point that has to be followed. If we want our toddler to be confident about his/her qualities then we should stop comparing our child with other kids.  Instead focus on their qualities and encourage them to explore new area.


  • Don’t be over protective: Sometimes while taking care of them, we overdo things and unknowingly we start caring way too much. Sometimes they have to lear things in hard way.  If we keep protecting them all the time, they are not going to learn doing things independently. You can use the words like ” lets see how we can do it.”


  • Words make a lot of difference: When my daughter was in her toddler phase and for example she isn’t in a mood to say hello to someone, I never liked when someone used to say ohh..she is shy. When we say that “you are shy..” it is something that we are telling the kid that you are like that. But instead why not to say “I guess you are not in a mood to say Hello right now.. its okay, whenever you are ready come and say hello”. The later is better as it is a momentary thing and s(he) will come for sure.


  • Plan ahead: It is always good to prepare your child if you are going to meet people your toddler has never met before. Just like kids, adults too have hesitation in facing unknown people but we have passed that stage in these many years. Kids are sill learning to handle such situation. Preparing your child in advance will help them in adjusting at new place, with new people.


  • Start with small group: Large group scares young toddlers. They cannot handle too many people. So best is to stick to small groups. Calling people over or attending any social gathering, playdates, start with small group.


  • Be their role model: We have to be their role model. Show them examples of friendliness. Say if you are in a park with other friends, talk to the other kids. Kids love to mimic our actions.


  • Don’t be hard on yourself or on your child: This is very important. Not all toddlers are same. Sometimes an extrovert kid at home suddenly get introvert outside. It is a big surprise for the parents but its okay. S(he) will be fine may be in next visit.

Have I answered your questions? I would like to know what is your share on this topic?

Till then Happy Parenting!!




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