You Are The CEO Of Your Life

Anvi was waiting on her terminal for her flight to Chicago. Her recent book – “You are the CEO of Your Life” won many awards and she was going to attend author’s meet in Chicago. While she was waiting, one of the co-passengers, who was reading her new book, came to her and asked for autograph. She must be in her late 20s. Anvi asked her name to write in the book. She replied, “Ria. My name is Ria.” She was so excited meeting Anvi in person. Anvi could read her expressions. While writing in her book, to make her comfortable, she asked – so Ria, what’s taking you to Chicago? “I have a conference there.” Ria replied. After little bit of chit-chat, they were called for boarding. Both of them exchanged good byes.


To Ria’s surprise, she had her seat next to Anvi which means for the whole duration, she was going to sit next to this author who has won awards for her writing. She was super-duper excited. Ria, continued reading the book. Or should I say, she was pretending to read but she was actually waiting to open her bag of questions. Seeing her restlessness, Anvi initiated, “so did you like the book? Do you think you are the ceo of your life?”  Anvi was an easy to talk and person. Not because she was a writer and she knew what words to use and when but she had seen many ups and downs in her life; in her writing career. And it taught her how to handle people. This quality was also got reflected in her writing style. Ria was waiting for this moment. She immediately said, “Maam, I am loving it. It’s so practical Maam. Not like other books which gives you a plan to follow or do some exercise. It’s a very handy book.” Anvi insisted her to call her my name.


Slowly, Ria started opening up and finally she asked the question that was in her mind since she started the book. And she asked. “Maam..sorry Anvi, how do you think so deep at such a young age? You sound so natural as if you have observed life very closely.  Anvi could totally understand her curiosity. This wasn’t the first time she had been asked this question. She said, “Ria it’s not just your age that makes you mature. It’s the experiences that teaches you many valuable lessons. Today what you read, where you see me, it didn’t come very easily. I have seen many ups and down in my writing journey.”


Anvi recalled her initial days in writing career when she couldn’t get the support and encouragement from people whom she felt were her supporters. She said, “with time, with those experiences I learnt many lessons. I cared too much of others including those who hurt me.” She stopped and asked Ria, “have you heard of the saying negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it will take their breath away.”? Ria didn’t know about it but those words sounded pretty strong to her.


Anyways, Anvi continued… “It taught me to pick people wisely; it taught me you don’t owe any explanation for taking care of yourself. And most important it taught me no matters what others say, you are the CEO of your Life. And that’s the reason I picked this title. Its noting but my personal experiences. I enjoyed writing this book from the bottom of my heart.”


As their journey was coming to an end, one last thing Ria requested Anvi if she can write something for her spontaneous?


She wrote: Dear Ria,

It was nice, meeting you.  As you are embarking on your career path always remember Evaluate the people in your life; then promote, demote, or terminate. You are the CEO of your life.

With love,



you are the ceo of your life
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