Why is Pink for girls and Blue for boys?


If you ask any small girl whats her favorite color, she will say Pink or Purple and boys its Blue. They will not say any other color. And if you say don’t you like Pink then he will say..No, thats a girl color. They answer the question with such an ease as if they know since birth their color preference that Pink is for Girls and Blue is for Boys. Do girls inherently prefer pink, and do boys inherently prefer blue? No one knows. Why is Pink for girls and Blue for boys? I disagree with this gender identification by color.


pink is for girls and blue for boys
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After I came to the USA  once I had to go to a friend’s place to see their baby. I went to get a dress for the baby girl and I couldn’t t find any color other than Pink and few Red. In the boys section, it was all Blue. I didn’t like it a lot. Nahh.. I wasn’t impressed at all. Even though there were many other designs but I wasn’t satisfied shopping around. Somehow I got what I liked and came back. I got it Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys.


When my daughter was born, frocks she got as gifts were all Pink or Purple. I had already decided that I am not going to get her Pink. I am going to dress her up in all colors even in Grey and Brown . Now, for my son I even pick Red if I like the pattern. Everything looks cute on babies..isnt?


We say boys don’t have that many color choices. I agree, when they grow old, they don’t have as many choices as girls. But when they are babies why can’t they be dressed up in Red if that particular outfit on the shelf is looking very cute?


This is not just about deciding on Pink or Blue. Its about deciding gender specific norms. The stereotype answer that I am experiencing these days is when people see my son walking and talking is..wow!! he is fast for boys. A general perception is girls are faster than boys, girls reach their milestones early completed to boys. Both my kiddos were talking before they turned One. I am following the same things with my son that I have followed with my daughter in terms of vocabulary. I haven’t put less efforts with my daughter thinking that she will be fast or doing anything extra with my son because I want to match their timings. I believe in putting my best efforts and being consistent in those efforts. Child will learn when s(he) is ready for that.


Another thing that surprises me is toys selection. Getting trucks for boys just because he is a boy so he should play with tucks and cars and girls play with dolls and tea set.  This doesn’t match with my thinking. My daughter never played with dolls or doll houses. She always liked toys that can engage her like Legos and Blocks; she had also played with boxes and spoons. My son plays with Spoons and bowls..he likes making sounds trying to bang a spoon on different bowls. He loves listening to music.


Long time back I was watching a show “A Place of Our Own” and the letter from one of the viewers said “My son plays with kitchen set? Is that normal? Should I be worried?” The child psychologist’s answer made me very happy. She said, “it is absolutely normal. There is no written rule that boys cannot play with kitchen sets and girls with trucks and wheels. Let them explore the world.” How true and practical.


There are any such areas where people think in a stereotype manner and personally I am not in its favor. Kids are kids, better not to judge their identities on the basis of gender. Better not to follow the notion of Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys.


What are your thoughts on this topic? I would love to hear that.





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