The Multi-Tasking Me – Story of Every Mother

Does this happen to you that when you are thinking about something so deeply, whatever happens around you feels like in connection with your thoughts? I like reading quotes-funny, inspirational both. Recently, I came across few funny yet true quotes on multi-tasking moms. But before that I am going to tell you a story. Its the story of The Multi-Tasking Me.


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“The alarm clock goes on at 5:30 am. She turn it off and slide the blanket to the side. She gets off the bed still half asleep making her way to finish her morning routine. But in between she stops at her kid’s room making sure that they are asleep. She slowly close the door so that they don’t get disturbed. Once the first splash of water goes on her face, all the sleep disappears.

Now, while brushing her teeth, her thought process starts. She had planned everything a night before. What to pack in lunch box, what snack to pack, which veggie to cook, what other things she has to finish during the day which includes her work. And in between if her young one gets up then what will be plan B. Still doing the calculation, she steps in the kitchen and turn on the gas  for Tea. In no time, everything is ready as per planned. Now it’s her turn to sit and enjoy her morning tea with few peaceful quite moments while catching up on phone messages. She hear her younger one waking but her husband has already taken care of that as he knows how important those 10 minutes are for her. She wake her kiddo for school.” This was the story of The Multi-Tasking ME.


Does this story look familiar to you? Is it your story? I guess its the story of most of the moms. Its the story about The Multi-Tasking Me. This Me is not just me..but it is each and every mother. Women are famous for being multi-tasking. God knows woman’s brain is wired in such a manner that she can record 5 things and implement them in action.  She is a superwoman without a cape.

So, did you just finish all your chores and now you are sitting on the couch? Lets bring smile on your face..

“You know you are a MOM when you can juggle a baby and cook dinner”

“You know you are a MOM when sleeping in till 8am feels as magical as riding out of your bedroom on a unicorn.”

“Becoming a mothers makes you realize you can do almost everything one- handed.”

“Do not fear child birth, thats easy part. There is no epidural for motherhood.”

“I have expanded my skills. I can now forget what I am doing while I am actually doing it.” 

Are you the Multi-tasking Me? I guess we all are…


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