My Happiness Mantra!!



Today is International Day of Happiness. In 2013, the United Nations designated March 20th  as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. I came to know today itself that there is any such day like Happiness Day. So, I decided to draft a post and bring a smile on your face. 🙂 And this makes me happy that I could finish this post in just couple of hours.:)

 Happiness is a matter of choice. I would say in a way its good because it is in our hands to be happy or not to be happy. And if that the case then we can be pretty much happy all the time if we want to be. So, what makes you happy? Here is my happiness mantra..


my hapiness mantra


  • Worry less about what other people think of you. – We tend to waste more than half of our time thinking what others will think about me. Instead spend your time passionately. Don’t worry too much about what others think about you.  You don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy.
  • Ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving. – Challenge yourself instead of feeling inferior seeing others success. I believe in breaking my own limits and outgrowing myself to live “my” best life.  You are not in competition with anyone else; but with yourself. see yourself growing each day.
  • Invest in doing something that make you happy: Prioritize your own needs into your daily to-do’s.  Invest your time in doing something good every single day.  You should be able to feel good on the inside.
  • Put your heart into your work. – Give your 100% to whatever you plan to do. No matters how big or small the task is. Do it with full dedication. Work hard.
  • Be patient: Sometimes it may take some time to see the results of your hard work.So, be patient. Keep a positive attitude while working hard for what you believe in.
  • Be positive: Sometimes being positive seems tough when things are not happening the way you want them to be. But can you change the situation with negative thoughts? No right? It will make it even worst. So, why not to practice being positive. Keep yourself engaged in good tasks, things that make you happy.
  • Smile!: “Did you know your smile can be a predictor of how long you’ll live — and that a simple smile has a measurable effect on your overall well-being?” says Ron Gutman,  founder and CEO of HealthTap, free mobile and online apps for health info.


So, what else would you add to the list? What’s your happiness mantra?


my hapiness mantra




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