My experience with C-Section



My baby boy is 3 months old now. Both my pregnancies were almost the same. I said almost. Yes, because my first delivery was natural and I never anticipated things going any other way with my second pregnancy. When my doctor told me that I might be having a planned C-section, I was scared for a moment. I was still trying to digest the message. I was just nodding to what she was telling me afterwards as if my brain had gone into a shutdown mode at that very moment. My baby, finally entering the world is the most exciting, emotional and happy moment of life (as I’m sure any mother will say of their child’s birth), but on the other end of the spectrum, going through a C-section was an overwhelmingly experience of my life so far. So, finally my baby boy was in my arms. Everything went well. I got home. Now started the experience that I heard from many other moms who had C-section.

Apart from the fact that you’re post-recovery will be little slower compared to the normal delivery there are lot other things which go hand-in-hand with a C-section delivery.  When I went for my 2 weeks check-up (you have to go to the doctor to get the incision area checked), my doctor said, I know you must be in pain on and off but otherwise you look great. Yes, I was in pain. Since, I have experienced both; I can clearly see the contrast. Here are some things I learned:


  • Extremely cold temperature: When I entered the surgery room, the temperature was ice-cold. Doctor usually raises the temperature to prevent humidity formation. And stuff they put in your IV only makes it worse. I was shivering like anything even after the surgery. I couldn’t understand what I was talking while answering the nurse’s questions.
  • Epidural is must: Obviously. To me, this was something I never wanted to have. But I had no choice this time. With my first one, I didn’t take the epidural. So, I literally felt everything. My doctor said, if you managed with your normal delivery without an Epidural then C-section is way easier than that.  Think you won’t feel a thing? You do not feel the pain but you do feel pulling and pressure. My anesthetist asked me to sit in a cat position and crawl my back. Thanks to all my exercises, that I was able to do that. I already asked my nurse so many questions that she might have decided to sing songs to me to distract me from all that injection business.:)
  • It hurts even on a small sneeze, cough or laugh: Yes. It does. Your ability to laugh like a normal human being will be put on hold. I know when we are out of hospital, we want to enjoy, laugh but I tried to control the laughter. In this, keeping a pillow helps. Even from getting up, don’t think that you would be able to get up quickly as you used to do before.
  • Space boots looking socks: It is for improving the blood circulation and preventing any blood clots. After I was feeling better with the chill part, I wanted to take off these socks. But nurse came and she again slipped them on.
  • Lots of pain medicines: I am not a medicine lover person. It comes last in my list. But C-section brings to you lot of pain meds. I am happy that I didn’t hesitate in asking for pain meds in hospital or after coming home.
  • Exercising: For most, pregnancy results in weight gain.  After the post-partum visit, you can get back to your exercise routine. Do not do sit-ups or other exercises that strain the belly muscles for 6 weeks or until your doctor says it is okay. If you are not an exercising person then you have to get that into your routine as you will be having that little stubborn area (around your belly) that you would like to work on.

So, this was my experience with C-section. Every pregnancy is different. And I have experienced that.  Every mom’s story is different. Whether it is a normal delivery or a C-section, one thing that remains unchanged – when you hold your baby in your arms you forgets the entire episode of childbirth. That’s why they are the miracle of god who comes and brightens your lives.




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I am Alpana Deo. You can call me a passionate writer who enjoys writing in any form.I feel motherhood gave me chances to explore and think about many such areas that I never paid attention. Writing to me is a feeling of satisfaction, relaxation after a tiring day and an accomplishment of doing something meaningful.