My 10 Teachers since Childhood

I was at my daughter’s Sunday school’s open house.  The teacher was telling the parents about their curriculum. She mentioned about 24 teachers the kids will be learning during the year. These 24 teachers are nothing but gifts from Mother Nature. Though she didn’t give us the details but  I found this title so interesting and it put me in the thought process of evaluating my teachers since childhood. The topic itself sounds very simple right? When I started to put together my thoughts in this post, it was fun and satisfying to think about those things Mother Nature has given us and those are our teachers. During childhood, we all have played with our friends in their company but never paid attention.

How many of us take a walk outside and spend time with nature everyday? Probably very few! Thanks to our busy schedules and the ultra fast paced life that most of us live! But each of these jewels we have enjoy to its fullest in our childhood days. Now its our children’s turn. We’ve forgotten that the world is out there to teach us. We don’t spend as much time outdoors as we used to do. So, let me tell you my 10 teachers since childhood:the jewels of happiness!! We all have them with us since childhood. 


  • Sun: We have been told Sun gives us light. I say is there any other example of positivity than Sun? The mere coming up of sun and shining bright not only rejuvenates us but also make us ready for the day ahead. We learn that however dark the night was the day is going to bright.


  • Stars: Do stars seek inspiration  outside to shine bright? Same way, we should be our own motivation. Motivation is within us, don’t search for it outside.


  • Sky: No matter what storms are passing, know it is always transient because beyond the clouds, the sky is always blue and the sun is always shining.


  • Clouds: As clouds, our thoughts too shall pass. We tend to get disheartened with small set backs. Learn from clouds how to handle the speed and direction of our thoughts.


  • Trees: They teach us to be adaptable to different situations. With changing weather, trees are the one who go through a lot but still they adapt to the change and stand still. They give shade to whoever come to them.


  • Flowers: Flowers teach us to spread love in all direction. Flowers don’t discriminate who they share their beauty and fragrance with.


  • Ants: Ants are an awesome example of teamwork. They are so tiny but they do everything collectively. We should never leave our friends in tough time.


  • Birds: Birds soaring through the sky represents the limitless freedom and potential available to us if we release our fears. Taking off to fly for the first time can be scary and bring about feelings of fear.


  • Water: We all start our with limited dreams and follow a calm stream. The as our dreams get bigger, the stream changes moves towards a river and then in a vast ocean. At this stage, we may not see the river bank. But if we have to achieve our dreams then we have to take this step.


  • Butterflies: Butterflies go through a long process before they turn into this lovely creature. Our life also goes through many changes inside out. Don’t resist change. Appreciate each phase of your life before you transform to a new cycle.



Do you agree with me? Have you enjoyed these jewels during your childhood? Do you call them your 10  Teachers since Childhood? Tomorrow is Children’s Day – Nov 14th. On Children’s Day, lets promise ourselves to be grateful to our 10 teachers of life who are there with us since childhood.

Thanks to my daughter’s Sunday school teacher who gave me this topic to think and write.  🙂 On Children’s Day, why not to pass on the gift of these 10 teachers to our children and let them enjoy it with double excitement.

our teachers since childhood
Photo Credit: BK

Happy Children’s Day!!





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