Motherhood has changed me into a better version of myself

We often hear from moms that once a woman walks into motherhood, everything changes. Our body changes, our mood changes, our priorities changes. We make new friends at unexpected places like grocery store, library, parks, even in parking lot. Credit goes to the tiny human being we have created.

I have a friend whose name is Alpana, she is a blogger and mother of two lovely kids – Shreya and Om. We are very good friends since childhood. We share so many interests which helps us to explore variety of topics during our chats. I have seen her before and after her mommy phase. And I am going to tell you what she told me once about how motherhood has changed her.

As I said she is a blogger. So, thoughts always keep floating in her mind. Once I asked her, “if I will ask you How motherhood has changed you? What will you say?” One thing that she always says is Motherhood is the best thing that has happened to her so far.

Now, let me narrate her experiences in her words. It’s going to be long okay!!


No matter how many books your read, every mother writes her own experiences. As every pregnancy is different, so is motherhood. The only difference is pregnancy is when you dream about your upcoming arrival and motherhood gives you the chance to see the tiny miracle of God growing each day in front of your eyesI knew the meaning of mother but Shreya and Om taught me the real meaning of motherhood. They taught me what unconditional love is; how one person can become special in few seconds. They changed me into a better version of myself. That’s what Shreya and Om taught me.”


how motherhood has changed me



how motherhood has changed me


She recalled her first thoughts when she found out about her pregnancy? With a laugh she said, “actually, I cried. Usually people cry during labor but mine was opposite. I still don’t know why those tears were for.” Motherhood has changed me in many ways.


  • I am no more an introvert now: I wasn’t like this few years back. Now, when I tell this to people I know, they get surprised. Earlier, I wasn’t opening up to new people that comfortably. I needed couple of meetings before I used to open my cards. But now, just a phone number or email id is enough for me to start a conversation. Credit goes to my kids. You cannot be in your own shell after you become a mother.


  • It taught me to see the bigger picture: Living outside India added up to my challenges in terms of their upbringing. It doesn’t seem a big deal but when you have to preserve your culture on a foreign land, it’s not that easy.


  • It made me strong: We have to face many such moments when we have to gather all our courage to stand by like a pillar of strength. Why? Those innocent eyes are watching us all the time. How can we be weak? 


  • It taught me to find joys in simple things: Kids don’t want anything fancy. For example, movie night with popcorns feels like date to me now. I feel satisfied seeing my kids happy. 


  • It taught me to see the positive in every situation: Kids want motivating words time to time. We think that their issues are simple but they are not that simple to them. That makes us stay positive.


  • It made me realize the sacrifices my parents have made: I started respecting them more. Yes, now I understand why my parents were right at that moment. I often use the same sentences what my mom used to say 🙂 


I am thankful to my kids for letting me experience this wonderful phase of my life. My two bundle of joy are my sunshine. They brighten my day with their lovely smiles and hugs.”


Alpana wanted to say more and I wanted to listen more but she got little emotional and said, “I think I will start crying after sometime (that’s another change that motherhood has brought in me).”


While talking to her, I felt so connected. I feel we all connect to each other on this one common ground. These tiny human beings have so much power to bring the world together.


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Motherhood blog train


Thanks Charu from or introducing me. As I said every mom writes her own story. I have Shalu Sharma who writes at to share her experience.

how motherhood has changed me

Shalu, a mother of twin daughters Saisha & Shriya is an educationist, an early learning and education specialist and a blogger. When she is not writing, she likes to sing, dance and try her hands on doing craft projects to cooking. Currently, she is utilizing her knowledge in spreading awareness in learning disabilities and helping special need children.








About Alpana

I am Alpana Deo. You can call me a passionate writer who enjoys writing in any form.I feel motherhood gave me chances to explore and think about many such areas that I never paid attention. Writing to me is a feeling of satisfaction, relaxation after a tiring day and an accomplishment of doing something meaningful.