Harvey ended with lovely sunlight and beautiful smiles


Today, Houston has become one of the famous cities in the world. It’s in news all over.  I  never thought I will be writing such a post after such a stressful week. Week when we were clueless what’s going on and what’s coming next. People saw their houses getting flooded in front of their eyes,  there was a fear of uncertainity.  But as they say every situation teaches you some lesson so did Harvey. There is nothing positive to write about such a kind of a devastation. But as kids we have always been told to look for positive things in every situation.

Here are few pictures..

Photo Credit: Texas Military Department
Source: https://www.flickr.com


Photo Credit: The National Guard
Source: https://www.flickr.com


Many have been asking me to write about my experience but I didn’t want to re-live those days through my writing . So, I thought of writing about the memories (not so pleasant though).

  • Never lose hope: We never expected this will go this far. And we will be the one among  those who have to evacuate. We were quite positive but when we actually got the orders we had to..no choice. When you have hope there is a ray of light which you always look for. You always try to look for even a small bit of positivity and that’s what kept us going even in the stressful situation. Luckily we had family where we could stay but we were constantly thinking about our friends.


  • Life is beautiful with Light in it: ” Life is beautiful with you in it.” We have seen these lines in greeting cards. During last week, we had also experienced power cut for just couple of hours but those hours gave us a fair idea how important light is in our lives. The only words I could think of were Life is so beautiful with you in it.


  • Water, water everywhere: We say in Hindi that “Jal Hi Jeewan Hai (water is life)”. But this week, we had seen so much of water that now we don’t want to see water anymore. We want the water to go away. And at this time, I can think of a nursery rhyme: “Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, Please shine down on me.”


  • World looked smaller: I believe that friends are our second family. It’s so very true and in such situations, we come to know how important they are in our lives. When we were away from our house, other friends kept us updated with the current situation through messages, pictures. My blogger friends who I never met were continuously asking about our well being and sending prayers. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. World looked much smaller during these days.


Apart from all this, it was like a lifetime experience, I wish, no one should ever have. We want to create good memories, not the memories about how our city saw so much of water; how life was so uncertain and how we sailed through it. I understand the city will need years to recover from the loss.

Harvey has been overwhelming, frightening and unprecedented – but it brought out the best in our community at every level and that is truly motivating and inspiring. But as I said, Harvey left us with a beautiful sunshine and lovely smile on 1000s of faces, there are many more who are still waiting for their sunshine and smile. I hope the people who have suffered the loss should be able to get back to their routine soon.

Why I kept this post under parenting category? I kept telling my daughter how blessed we are to have such people in our lives who care for us and think about our well being all the time.




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