Friends help each other, yes they do..

Now a days, at my house we listen to nursery rhymes quite a lot. My 15 months old loves listening to songs, nursery rhymes. One of my favorite rhymes is from Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood “Friends help each other, yes they do, its true”. In fact I like all the rhymes from Daniel Tiger. If we look into this rhyme from a different angle then it conveys a deep message. Friends help each other, yes they do


I have one such friend who is in India and we did our Masters together. Our friendship started with a single line on the last page of the Organizational Behavior notebook. She was pretty new in our batch and she wanted to share something with me. She wrote, “I want to discuss something with you. Can we talk after the lecture?” Thats it. Our friendship started from there.


importance of having friends
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Its been 14 years we became friends and our friendship has grown stronger with each passing year. Today also, whenever we want to discuss something, we just drop one line message. The only difference is now WhatsApp has taken place of the OB notebook..:)


My daughter often says, you are so lucky to have good friends. At their age, they get upset even on small things. They think adults don’t go through tough phases in their friendship :).  But we have overcome that stage of getting upset on small things. As we grow, we understand the meaning of friendship and the value of friends. We understand we should pick our friends wisely not because we might need their help in future but because we understand that company matters a lot.


Even though we are capable enough to handle our problems and take care of ourselves, but the fact is we all need friends. They are our second family. Wherever we are away from our family, we have friends. We can speak our heart knowing that we won’t be judged. And among them, there is one friend who is somewhat special to us. That one friend is capable of taking away all our tensions.


Do you have any such friend? Do you agree with me? Friends help each other, yes they do..


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