Candle Art with Tissue Paper


Diwali is around the corner. We think of giving gifts to our friends and family.  Gifts that kids can make always adds that extra personal touch to any gift. I tried this Candle Art few days ago and I liked it a lot as the candles were ready in no time. When I showed it to my daughter, she loved it. She wants to make few for her Art teacher as Diwali gift (I hope her teacher is not reading this post.:)

Have you used your blow dryer for doing craft project before? I used it for one of my painting as I wanted the background to dry quickly. We will be using that for this one. You have almost everything at home. Take few pieces of white tissue paper, sharpie pens, cello tape, wax paper and off course white candles. Make sure that you use only white tissue paper. I tried it using pale yellow paper but it didn’t work out. Reason being when you stick the white tissue paper on the candle and blow dry it then it becomes invisible on the white candle. My next project will be trying it on yellow or any other color candles using the same color tissue paper. So, no more wait..lets make these candles.


candle art


candle art


candle art

You will need:

  • White candles (scented or unscented)
  • Wax paper
  • White tissue paper
  • Sharpie pens
  • Cello tape
  • Blow dryer

candle art


  • First, cut a small piece out of your white tissue paper. Draw any design of your choice with sharpie pens.
  • Cut the tissue leaving margins.
  • Take a piece of wax paper. The wax paper sheet should be slightly bigger than the candle.
  • First position the tissue paper cut out on the candle and over that place the wax paper. wrap it around the candle and secure it with cello tape at the back.


candle art

  • Lay down the candle on a flat surface. Blow dry the design. You will see the design start looking little glossy because of the wax and the heat.
  • Once you cover the entire design slowly remove the wax paper. Since we have used white tissue, you will not see the paper but only the design will be there on the candle.

How simple is that. Isn’t? Try it out on different sizes. You can add few more touches by gluing twine around the candle. It will give the piece an earthy look. You can also decorate the candle according to the season. So, don’t wait..try this project with your kid.


candle art

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