Break the pattern: add that missing spice in life

She felt as if she has everything in her life. She thought she had the spice in life until last week. A new week started for her. She thought something different might happen. Lets see how it went for her…

Its Monday morning. Anvi’s week started. She packed her bag, grabbed her keys and she stepped out to her favorite coffee shop. Anvi is a writer who has accomplished a lot in a very less time. Lately, this coffee shop has become her favorite place to write because of its ambience and limited crowd. Even the people over there started to recognize her by name and her favorite coffee as well. 🙂 She felt as if she has everything in her life. She has spice of life until last week.

Today also, once she was settled on her favorite spot, the guy comes and said, “your coffee is ready. Enjoy!!”. She smiled back,opened her laptop, took first sip of coffee and started to write. But surprisingly she wasn’t able to find words. This was happening to her for the third time in a row. She looked around the place. All were looking so happy, enjoying their time at the coffee shop and here she was sitting with her laptop and a half empty cup of coffee. Thinking that today might not be the right day and she might needed a change in the ambience, she packed her bag again, grabbed her keys and stepped out from the coffee shop to come home.

Next morning, she followed the same ritual, picked a different place this time. But no luck. She was puzzled seeing herself in so much of dilemma, the work pressure was building up and restlessness that she was not able to understand was killing her? “Why everyone around me look so happy and content? Why not me?” Those were the thoughts which were always there in her mind now a days.

Anvi reconnected the dots in backwards way. And as going backwards, she realized what all she has missed. She had stopped meeting her friends since she started on her new book. Even after they called her so many times, she would always find excuses. Her life was becoming monotonous where she knew what’s coming next. There is no excitement or element of surprise. The spice of life what she was happy about was slipping from her hand. Her life was getting stuck in a pattern. While she was in her thoughts about how can she break the pattern and add that spice in life, something clicked.

She remembered how she used to teach her kids about pattern? What comes after Triangle-Square-Circle? They knew it’s Triangle again. Initially it was fun but later it became boring as there was nothing new in it. There it was. She found the answer. There was nothing new happening in her life. One thing she realized was she needed a change and she has to find it on her own after all she has created all this.

It’s good to take life seriously but we all need some light moments too. Thinking to bring that change, Anvi called her very close friends (she had to think not twice but thrice before calling as she had declined many of their invitations). But luckily, she has pretty good friends who always understood her. They all planned a day out, catching up on their missed moments. Anvi was enjoying every bit of it. She was loving this new “Anvi”.  Now, it was time to say bye to her friends. As she drove back home, she was full of ideas floating in her mind which she was waiting to pen down. She had finally broken the pattern of her life and added that missing spice in life.


break the pattern:add that spice in life
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