Baby’s doctor visit – 4 tips to make it smooth

Our baby’s first year and doctor visits goes hand in hand. They immunization, well checks have to be up to date. Babies need to go to the doctor or nurse for a “well-baby visit” 6 times during their first year. We cannot underestimate it. During the new born checkup ad till 3 months well check, baby sleeps most of the time. They cry while getting shots but again go back to sleep once you hold them or feed them. But as they become little old, they know what is happening around them. And very soon they start to associate the shot memories with the doctor’s clinic. Just by seeing the room makes them cry because they can remember the pain they experienced during the last visit. If you are lucky, your spouse can accompany you during doctor appointments. But it is not possible all the time. The situation becomes even more challenging when the baby is sick. Calming down an upset baby, listening to the doctor, and more important staying calm is tough.


baby's doctor visit-how to manage it alone
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Here, I am sharing few pointers that help me when I take my little one for his doctor visits.

  • Try not to schedule appointments close to their nap time: We know our kid’s routine. If your kiddo is an early riser as mine then morning appointment after or before their nap time is best. Once they are fresh, they are less likely to get upset if the wait is long.


  • Don’t wait till last minute in scheduling the appointments: If you will wait till the last minute then you might not get your preferred time and day. So better to schedule it as early as possible.


  • Have the information handy: Doctor visit sometimes require paper work. Filling all the information with a clingy baby is tough. So, how about having all the necessary information written down on a piece of paper? Usually, it asks you to fill emergency contacts, address, your insurance details and your phone numbers. And trust me in such moments, we forget our own number too. This point has always helped me. I keep one paper in my purse all the time.


  • Prepare yourself in advance with any doubts and questions: It is natural for the first timers to have questions, concerns about their baby’s milestones. When my daughter was born, I used to write the questions on a piece of paper for doctor visits. This helps in staying relaxed from not forgetting anything important. With my son, now I don’t have that many questions.


So, here is a quick reminder:

To make the most of your baby’s doctor visit:

  • Gather important information
  • Make a list of questions for the doctor
  • Know what to expect from the visit
  • Relax!!


These points have helped me a lot with both my kids. Do you have anything you would like to add?


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