Why Parents Should get Involved in Kid’s Play?

Every morning, I play with my son for an hour and a half or so before I get busy in my regular chores and he in his independent play. We first sing, then play with bocks (which means blocks), ball or any other ring game. After this he is bit satisfied which allows me to start my work. We think what a 1 year old will understand or let me finish my work first then I will play. But one year old also have their own world. And they see the world through our eyes. Their play might look boring to us and we may be clueless what to play with them but that’s their building blocks. Every time, toy will not solve our problem. We have to add our personal touch, use our imagination while playing with them. We have to help them in understanding and growing. So, why parents should get involved in Kid’s play? From my personal experience, I can say parent’s involvement plays a major role in kid’s understanding and clarity of things.


why parents should get involved in kids play
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Today, when I was playing with my son this topic came into my mind for today’s post. We were singing nursery rhymes. Nowadays his favorite is Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and Old McDonald. We sang couple of other rhymes too with action. He was so into the listening and dancing part and doing actions on and off that I decided to write about it.


  • They learn expressions and gestures: When I sing rhymes with my son, he carefully pays attention to my expressions and gestures. He learns sky means he has to show up or what is the gesture for “where” or where are eyes, ears etc. or where do we wear cap.


  • They learn new words: When I ask him to get his blocks, he knows what I am asking for. He comes to me and says bocks with the gesture for “where” if he is not able to find them.


  • They develop motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination: When we play ball, he is using his motor skills. or When he is looking for ball, he picks it and throws it, he is strengthening his hand-eye coordination.


  • We can offer them more matured and variety of play than their siblings: Playing with the sibling has different benefits. Parent play and sibling play are two different things.


While children need time to play alone but playtime with parents is something that every child, irrespective of their age crave for. Playing with kids builds a bond that will last forever. It lets the child know he or she is loved and appreciated.


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