What was he looking into my eyes?


what was he looking into my eyes
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Yesterday, while my little one was sleepy but he was still trying to get rid of his sleep so I started singing his favorite song (he loves few Marathi songs). I needed his attention so I was singing with lot of expressions. He finally looked at me and smiled. Then again he rested his head on my shoulder and started humming..yes, we do duet sometimes :). After few seconds, he again looked at me but this time he was looking into my eyes. I loved those expressions. So innocent; so pure. I asked him tu kaay pahatos? (what are you looking at). He pointed out at my eyes. And again he smiled. He repeated the same thing again. Every time he looked into my eyes, I felt so touched and I wanted to keep looking at him. I know every mom goes through this feeling but I was thinking what he is looking, is he trying to find something? Is he looking his own face into my eyes? I don’t know about him but I was surely looking at his innocent face which was full of curiosity and serenity. And finally, after listening to the whole song and humming on and off, my little guy slept. Now he wasn’t looking into my eyes but I was looking at his peaceful face.

I can only think of these words…

what was he looking into my eyes
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