What is Mother’s Gurukul


 I am a friend, a teacher, a guide and sometimes a playmate. I am a MOTHER

MOTHERHOOD– One of the most challenging but still beautiful role a woman plays during her lifetime. On top of that, being an immigrant mother (parent) of first generation American kids is even more challenging. After taking up this role, I have learned a lot and still exploring and learning. I try to pass on the knowledge to my daughter that I have acquired from my mother. So, what is Mothers Gurukul?

“Gurukul”(Guru=teacher and Kul=extended family) is a Sanskrit word for a school in India. We all grew up in our parent’s gurukul. As they say “A mother is the first teacher or ‘GURU’ of her child.” And alike a guru who do not ask for any fees for the teaching, knowledge he gives to the student, a mother never expects anything in return for her unconditional love towards her child.

 I am excited to put this website together not just for the moms who are trying to raise their kids in two very rich but totally different cultures (American and Indian in my case) but also for everyone who loves children and is interested in contributing something meaningful to this topic.

Here, I will be sharing my thoughts and also ideas gathered from my friends and other moms. You will meet other moms, read articles on parenting, crafts & recipes – all under one roof.

 So, lets begin this beautiful journey together…

Hi Alpana, Beautifully curated blog with versatile illustration of word "Mom"! I can definitely spend days catching up on your posts.. For this Diwali i am going to try your recipie of Namakpare for sure:)

~ Prasanna

Rangkatha – Tales Of Colors, Crafts and Decor

Thanks Biljana. Thanks for visiting my page. I wanted to have some homely and cozy feel for the page that’s why I picked this theme. I visited your page. I have gone through few of your posts. All are equally good. You too gained a reader here..:)
Keep writing and keep on visiting Mothers Gurukul.