Things I haven’t told you my princess..


Kids grow fast. Yes they do and even knowing this fact that it’s not in our hands to stop them from growing we still wonder if they can stay our sweet, little bundle of joys. There are things that we cannot tell or explain (in words) to our kids, like how much we love them (even though we say the three words “I Love You” so many times ). There are many such things that I haven’t told my princess, my daughter… :). As they say, “Sometimes the words we leave unspoken are the most important ones that should have been said.” May be some day I will.


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I was going through my daughter’s baby photos, pre-school photos and her other milestones that we tried to capture in our camera. And then I looked at her. You know what I felt. Right? Don’t grow this fast my doll..

My dear fellow moms, I am going to share what I haven’t told her. I am sure our moms must have felt the same when we were growing up.

Things I haven’t told you my Princess…


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My dear daughter,

  • I haven’t told you that you still look so cute when you are sleeping. Even though now those chubby cheeks are gone, but I still enjoy watching you while you are asleep.
  • I haven’t told you that looking at you sleeping peacefully, I can’t stop myself from giving you a good night kiss before I go to bed.
  • I haven’t told you that my favorite thing to do in the kitchen is looking at your pictures (sticked on our fridge). And every time I wondered how you have grown.
  • I haven’t told you that I talk about you to so many people when you are at school.
  • I haven’t told you that I felt bad of making you upset when we do not agree on something and then I waited for you to come back from school so that I can see if you are doing okay.
  • I haven’t told you that I want to hold you and give you a tight hug.
  • I haven’t told you that I had tears in my eyes seeing your first stage performance when you were just 3 years old. And I still don’t know why those tears were for?..:)
  • I haven’t told you that I don’t want you to grow this fast.


I cannot tell you all this and convey my feelings to you because that’s how we moms are. We love you so much but cannot say it to you.

But If I can give you one thing in life, I will give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then you would realize how special you are to me.

Always stay blessed and happy my princess..


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