Be Thankful Everyday for Your Blessings

I am thankful for so many things in my life. Life is just like a dish in which our experiences are like spices that make it flavorful. It is up to us if we want it sweet or sour. Gratitude is what makes it sweet.


Be thankful for your blessings
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So, here is my Gratitude list.



I am thankful:

-When I don’t know something, it gives me an opportunity to learn something new.

-For my limitations, they opened up new doors for me.

-For new challenges, they gave me strength.

-For my mistakes, they gave me a lesson each time.

-For people in my life, some gave me a reason to smile each day and some taught me to be smart in my choices.

-To those tired and occupied days, they gave me a satisfaction of doing something productive.

 -To my life for the setbacks, it taught me to value good things.


Gratitude is a very positive word. It can turn a negative into a positive. When we show our gratitude towards someone, we feel good. When someone shows their gratitude towards us, we feel special. It sets a positive tone and fills the whole environment with happiness. In our busy life, we forget to show our gratitude to many things. Yes, I said things, not people. Why? There is no set rule that it should be a living entity to whom we want to show our gratitude. It could be our daily circumstances. For example we can be thankful for bright sunny day after a chilly week or delicious food at a restaurant for making our birthday extra special. To see the broader picture then our life for giving us so many things. We keep on complaining about small things. We always say count your blessings but we keep focusing on the loopholes and missing parts that restrict us from enjoying our life. With this post, I will try to ignore the negative things/people in my life that make me sad and concentrate on positive things. That will be my gratitude pie for this Thanksgiving.


Now a days, with my little one, my schedule is not very fixed and I do not get enough time to write, I do get frustrated. I get irritated for a tiring day when I want to sit and write but have no energy left. I sometimes miss my pre-mommy days but every moment, I feel thankful to God for giving me my two cutie pies and that changes the whole picture. That’s what I said Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. So, from now onwards, I will remind myself of this gratitude pie.

So, what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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I am Alpana Deo. You can call me a passionate writer who enjoys writing in any form.I feel motherhood gave me chances to explore and think about many such areas that I never paid attention. Writing to me is a feeling of satisfaction, relaxation after a tiring day and an accomplishment of doing something meaningful.