Simple DIY Mirror Decoration


decorative mirror

Somehow, handicraft always attracts me. Any decor, wall piece having an ethnic look gets my attention. This simple DIY Mirror Decoration was a fun project to do.

Artfully framed and decorated mirrors adds dimension to your home decor.  It doesn’t matter what type of room you are decorating. It can be anything starting from Kitchen to Baby’s room, decorative mirrors open up the smallest spaces and create the illusion of spaciousness.

Here is how I transformed this plain mirror into a decorative piece with creative decorations.

Hanged Dupatta around it
Hanged Dupatta around it


I liked the bright solid Orange color mirror that I got from IKEA. I had Bandhani (tie-dye)  Dupatta with glitters and small decorative glasses. It was just lying down in my closet. I started decorating the mirror with some jewels, pearls. Hanged it on the wall. Now, I wanted an Indian look to it.  So, tied the dupatta at three places with a thread matching the dupatta color. And there you go…A simple DIY Mirror Decoration is ready.


For this project you will need:

  • Mirror
  • Dupatta
  • Some embellishments / Buttons/ Glitter gems
  • Glue (if yours do not have adhesive)


Mirror Decoration:

  • First eye-ball where you want your embellishments to be glued on the mirror. Now, start.
  • First, do the border. Once this is done, you now have an idea how it will look. Add few more touches. Don’t over decorate your mirror.
  • And done. Your simple looking mirror transformed into a beautiful decorative mirror.

Simple DIY Mirror Decoration is ready. Then sit back and admire your gorgeous handwork.


decorative mirror



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Hi Alpana, I have read a lot of diy projects to meet the customer demands but I found unique something on your post such as Dupatta, I Think it’s totally wow job!! Thanks in Advance
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Thanks Margaret. I am glad that you liked the post and the dupatta idea. I like to give a touch of tradition when it comes to decor. Ethnic prints always attracts me.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you will visit Mothers Gurukul for more projects.

Beautiful . I love how you have styled with dupatta. Thanks for lovely comment and visiting my blog. Now off to explore more of your blog.

Thanks Nayana, glad you liked it. This is one my favorite projects that I really feel good about. Just simple touches here and there and you can take any simple project to another level.

Thanks for stopping by.Keep on visiting.