Holiday time – 7 activities for keeping kids engaged

activities during holiday


Christmas holidays are about to start in a week. Holiday time means thinking and brain storming sessions for parents how to keep kids engaged. One statement that puts us in a question mark state is when they say “I am bored”.  So, let me help you little bit in keeping kids busy during holidays. Let’s be proactive. We know it’s coming, so why not have a few holiday boredom busters handy?


  • Painting with a twist: Kids like coloring but they get bored so make the experience interesting. You can do it with their friends or just you and your kids. Take the color box, grab few ear buds, cotton balls, tooth brush, salt, and a sheet of paper. Paint the horizon first, then with the help of a cotton ball, make the sun, make flowers with the help of ear buds, spray color with the tooth bush.


  • Study and fun: Holidays is a perfect time to enjoy your interests. Kids can learn so much about interesting topics though some fun activity. One such activity is exploring the solar system. Recently, I received Tokabox (an activity box with a curated hand-picked children’s books & related activities) for my daughter. She loves reading and exploring about different planets. This activity of learning about different phase of moon made our Saturday afternoon fun for her and me as well. It was so chilly outside so we decided to do this activity. The box came with everything needed for this activity. The best part is after this was done, we hung it in her room and she can enjoy the phases of moon every day at night as it is glow in the dark.


activities during holidays


activities during holidays


  • Quick picnic: If the weather is not very chilly then, get your picnic mat, pack your food , few games and head outside. If it is an impromptu picnic, then we pack whatever I have cooked on that day. Sometimes, a slight change in the ambience feels special. You’d be amazed how tasty the regular food becomes once it is packed in a plastic container and eaten on a blanket on the grass. 🙂


  • Playdates: Playdates comes as a handy option in any holiday time. You can invite some friends over. It may give you the opportunity to get some work done and perhaps even connect with other parents. If your child is into baking or crafting then they can bake a cake, cupcakes or cookies and later enjoy them. Or you can ask them to do some jewelry making or card making.


activities during holiday


  • Movie Day/Afternoon: I know to kids it sounds little boring. They are so used of hearing Movie Night that Movie Day..naah. But if you throw the sleeping bag, let them be in their pajamas, get some popcorn or hot chocolate, close the blinds and cuddle up in the blanket. During holiday time, their schedule is not very fixed so its better to do a movie during afternoon hours if they have a playdate planned for the next morning. To add some more fun, order pizza. I doubt they will say no.


  • Make up a story: This could be a perfect family game on a chilly day. You can either play it after dinner or if you have your kid’s friends over . You give them a opening sentence then they can add a new sentence and that’s how they will build up a story. This is good for young kids for vocabulary building.


  • Chill-out days: I like to keep few days free for us as a family. It is mostly towards the end and one or two in the middle of the break.


So, these were few ideas of keeping kids engaged during the holiday season. How do you keep your kids busy during holidays? What are your favorite activities?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received Tokabox in exchanger my honest review.


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