Encourage kids to draw color and express themselves


On Mothers Gurukul, we always talk about topics from which parents will be benefited. In the previous post, I talked about choosing extra-curricular activities for our kids. One of the most engaging activities is drawing or coloring. Kids of all ages love to draw. For many it is a way of expressing themselves. In today’s guest post, Prachi from Printstop (an innovative new-age printing solutions provider with a forte in digital printing) talks about how you can encourage your kids to draw and express themselves. Let them find some joy on those lazy summer afternoons.


Encourage kids to draw color and express themselves

(Drawing books)

Enjoyable and relaxing, drawing is an excellent way to unwind, be it at any age. It is more so for children. They are believed to have fewer inhibitions while expressing themselves. This art form knows no borders, pick a book, some colors and you are good to go. Color the pages wild or doodle in completely, they are bound to find ways to fill them up. How about some specific ways to channel their energies and encourage their hand at a new hobby?


Encourage kids to draw post

Book them in

Transform those boring afternoons to fun times by making a scrap book. This is a great way to encourage kids to capture moments, cherish, and share memories. If you are wondering about where to start, here are some ideas for you to help your kid start on one:

  • For starters, you will need drawing books, glue, and colors. Depending on the level of comfort, your child could choose sketch pens, oil pastels, crayons or pencils. Preferably the drawing book should be spiral bound for ease of use.
  • Choose favorite snapshots of friends and family and stick them in with captions

(replete with embarrassing nicknames etc).

  • Doodle, paint, color or sketch characters – from reel or real life.
  • Write out favorite quotes, song lyrics, or poems and complement it with tear off bits from old newspapers and magazines.
  • Save the firsts – movies ticket, travel ticket, post cards or any sort of memorabilia. It need not be restricted to one huge book. You can have smaller thematic ones like vacation, family, friends, and home makeovers. What’s more, you can make it more attractive by using supplies like embellishments, glitter and colorful papers. Let them explore on their own or join in and make it a joint project. For, scrapbooks can be a pleasurable way to create a personal canvas that reflects experiences and life- through childhood and beyond.


Personalized drawing books

While you can convert even a simple notebook into such a collectable, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a custom made drawing book to reflect personality?


Reflect your kid’s individuality

Explore a whole range of customization options ranging from school supplies like such beautiful drawing books to hone their artistic talent or even school notebooks and labels to set your child apart from the crowd – easy to find, easy to grab and go. And oh, it can make them feel special as well!


About the author: Prachi

Prachi’s journey as a mother has made her a firm believer in the role of art in a child’s development. In her role at Printstop, she uses her experiences to help develop products for children. She shares snippets of her learning as a mom and a professional to you through a series of blog posts here. You can learn more about Printstop and its products & services by visiting their website.


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