Book Review – “The Calling-Unleash Your True Self”


Title:  The Calling, Unleash Your True Self

Author:  Priya Kumar

Length: 156 pages



In order to find his true self, in order to end his self-created misery, Arjun a corporate guy, who is undergoing through many breakdowns, takes a trip to Himalayas as told to him by a Sadhu. This journey opens a new world for him. World which is full of purity, clarity and compassion. Arjun attains a state of self-realization and able to find answers to his questions.


The Calling

“The Calling” in my words

We all come into this world with some purpose and in order to achieve that purpose, we take different routes. Sometimes we even make big compromises that we don’t want to both on personal and professional level. By the time, we realize the self-created mess in our life, it becomes too late. There is no turning back. We know that life throws challenges to us; tests us at different stages and if we keep our spirits high then that phase soon becomes a history. But we tend to forget this time to time. Those are the times when we need someone to show us the path; show us our inner self. “The Calling” is one such book that everyone can relate to.  The book is full of lessons and quotes worth pondering and getting back to any time you feel lost and need some positivity. It takes you on a spiritual journey where every chapter brings out some pearls of wisdom.

The book revolves around a corporate guy name Arjun and his personal breakdowns which has created a mess in his life. He has to find the answers to his questions. The journey is not going to be an easy one. What started off as an opportunity to escape reality, turned out to be an opportunity to escape from self-created misery.  As he moves forwards on his journey to his final destination, he encounters many ups and downs; unfolds new definition of concepts which were mere words in the past. He even has to take several tests in order to find his inner self. Will he find his purpose of life; will he find his calling? If you want to know what happens to Arjun and his life next, you got to pick up the book.

Through her writing, Priya Kumar has done full justice in unfolding the life’s tough yet true lessons in an easy and simplified manner giving a subtle touch of humor that keep the reader’s interest in the book. Even though you are not into spiritual books, you would still like to read “The Calling – Unleash Your True Self” as it is not a verbose book. You just have to go with the flow and you will find your calling through “The Calling”. This book is meant for unhurried reading. So, have a cup of coffee/tea and enjoy this book..:)

As I said, there are many pearls of wisdom in this book but few of my favorites I have recorded for you. Here is the link:


This is my first book review and what an inspiring way to start this new genre of writing. I am thankful to Priya Kumar and her team for considering me to review “The Calling – Unleash Your True Self”. Thanks to the author Priya Kumar for this opportunity and for the wonderful personal message in the book.

The Calling

I have heard few of Priya Kumar’s speeches and believe me; you will feel connected to it in some way or other. I can say Priya Kumar knows how to present topics in an easy way to her readers to connect and understand. I hope you will get this book and find it inspiring as I did.




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