Benefits of taking infants outdoor


Who says that outdoors is only for older kids who can run or play in the parks? The little one who sits in the stroller also enjoys outdoors as much as any other grown up kid. Babies enjoy walks just as much as we do. There are many benefits to taking your infant outdoors for a walk. 


importance of taking infant outdoor
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I used to take my daughter for evening walk every day after I was back into my routine. I have been doing the same with my son. This time it took little longer for me to get back to normal state as it was a c-section but still I started taking him for small walks. I believe that even if babies or kids don’t know the time but they follow the routine. If we follow the same routine every single day then they know what to expect at what time. As the evening approaches, my son knows it’s time for his walk. And start pointing towards the door.

During the first few years of life, infants and toddlers are trying to make sense of their world. One of the ways they do this is by soaking up every noise, every sound, and every experience that they have. 


See Importance of taking your infant outdoor from a mommy eye..

 – It’s a bonding time between you two: We might think throughout the day we get many such bonding time like feeding the baby or putting the baby to sleep or giving massage or shower. But tell me one thing, during all these moments are we really mentally relaxed? While dong all this, we are planning for our next chore. Bu when you are walking, then you are relaxed as there are so many other things to look around. If you have a walking buddy then you talk while walking. It is not only a relaxing time for you but also for your baby. Babies or young kids love exploring new things. Their curios eyes always look for something new.


Building vocabulary: While you walk, we talk to our little one. And unknowingly we are building their vocabulary. And slowly they start pointing out to sky or tree seeking for answers. They also understand that everything has a name. Now a days whenever I take my son for walk, he points at tree and looks at me. If I ask him where is birdie then he shows up in the sky. I remember, my daughter used to say she is three when she turned one. Since she heard tree so many times while walking that if someone would ask her are you one-two or three so she would pick three as it sounded close to tree..:)


-There is a world outside home: I have seen kids getting uncomfortable when they are outdoors. Even though they want to be outdoors but they are not able to adjust. If they are not habitual of being outdoors or seeing new faces then they get uncomfortable. Even infants, who do not have the ability to physically play with others, are able to watch others, which is the first step in social development. 


-Exercise for the mommy: Walking is a perfect exercise which doesn’t require any equipment, or social arrangements. Just put on your walking shoes, wear comfortable clothes and step out with your little munchkin.


Walks give them endless possibilities and stimulate their minds. So, put on your walking shoes and enjoy the outdoors with your child. Walking outside gives your baby an opportunity to explore the world. Every sight, sound, and smell provides the baby with valuable experiences and learning. 




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