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I am Alpana Deo, founder-editor-writer and person behind Mother’s Gurukul. I have a Masters degree in Business Administration. After working in India for sometime, my marriage brought me to the USA.  By God’s grace I had always been blessed with good and supportive friends. With a desire to stay connected to management field, I have volunteered at some places and made new friends and connections. During this process, I got back to my hobby of writing.

I have written and still writing articles for a newsletter. I am a Guest contributor for few other websites namely Parents, Indian Moms Connect, World of Moms, Hindi Gym, Bnobology.Other than that, I am a NRI Contributor & Citizen Journalist for the prestigious Times of India (TOI). Also, you can read my interview on  various other parenting platforms.

Technically speaking, I am a home maker (another area of management, I would say), mother of two cute angels.  During these years, I have explored lot of new things. My perspective got different shades after my daughter’s birth. Every stage was and still is a learning experience. With a thought of sharing my experiences with other fellow Moms, Mother’s Gurukul came into existence.

I am happy to take up my hobby of writing and passion for management together to build this website.

You can connect with me on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter Please feel free to share your feedback – I would love to hear from you.

Wish me luck!!

I came across your website, ,. and loved it! I work for Modernize.com and we’re a new home design and remodeling website hoping to expand our audience. We’ve written for some pretty cool sites like The Huffington Post and About.com and I think we can provide some pretty awesome content for your readers.
Here are a couple examples of recent articles our writers have written:
Being a Good House Guest With Kids in Tow – http://www.mothering.com/articles/good-house-guest-kids-tow/
5 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs The Right Way – http://greenliving.about.com/od/thegreenfamily/fl/5-Ways-to-Decorate-Easter-Eggs-the-Right-Way.htm
Let me know if you’re interested and we can get started right away!

Hello Kelsey,

Thanks for reaching me out. I am glad you liked my work. I have gone through the article links. Enjoyed reading them. Before we move forward, I have few questions. How can contact you?

Have a great day!!

Hi Alpana, thanks for stopping by at SizzlingPots.com and I am glad you like it. Love your page and the way you write. You sound very real and down to earth. Hope your dreams with Gurukul flourish to great heights. All the best.

Jayashree, thank you for visiting my page and for posting such a wonderful comment. I totally agree with you. We (mommies) can do wonders!! Nothing could be more satisfying than spending some quality time working on our passion and making all the possible efforts to improve ourselves and be good at that.

I have checked your page. I must say you have done a great job. Keep going and keep in touch! 🙂

Hello Florence. Thanks for visiting and taking time to write a comment. Glad that you like my page..:) I have checked your website. I really like when you said ‘Balancing our heritage and our new culture.’ in your ABOUT page. I too believe in this notion of preserving our culture, heritage and passing it to the next generation. I agree that sometimes it is challenging but its nice to accept challenges sometime…:)

Once again thanks for stopping by. Keep in touch!!

Good Luck and Congratulations on coming up with this innovative website. You always inspire me by your wonderful creations…I will stay tuned here 🙂