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Here I am with my Friday post. But today it’s not any parenting article (actually I had scheduled one for today but this news came so…..:-). I want to share a big/good news with you. Whether it is BIG or GOOD or both, that you decide.  First of all thank you for the continuous support and interest that you have shown towards my writing and Mothers Gurukul.

A month ago, with a hope to take a step forward and add another dimension to my work/writing, I filled the application form for Times of India, NRI Contributor. During the process of applying, submitting my writing samples and the most tough part-waiting for their response (which includes keeping fingers crossed :)), I had undergone many feelings and thoughts – what will they say?, is my writing up to their level., will they approve it? etc. But, when I got the confirmation email from the TOI team, it was like a confidence booster dose for me :-). For a writer/blogger, such things make a lot of difference. When you know that your work is being appreciated and loved by others, it automatically gives you a motivation to keep going and give your best.

Here is a summary of what I have submitted….

I would like to start this with a saying which I feel is the base for this whole write-up.

“The nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. – by Mahatma Gandhi.”

We can keep our culture alive only by making an effort to practice it; finding ways to stay connected to it and of course, as I always say, passing it on to our next generation. We all want to do that in one way or other. Apart from festivals & food, learning any special Art form is another medium to create a mini-India on a foreign land or wherever you live. Whether it is music or dance, the feelings remain the same – Keeping Indian culture alive. Studio Mudra School of Dance, a Dance school started by Guru Rashmi Shashi in Houston, TX has shown  that there is no limit to one’s imagination and creativity.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara pic

 It was a splendid effort done by Guru Rashmi and her students to take us on a journey to our own Mother Land. One mom said “we work hard for our children because they inspire us by showing their happiness, excitement and all other little things.”

Students pic

To read more please check this Times of India link.

I hope you will enjoy my post and will continue giving me your comments/feedback. And also many more chances to write new articles & “A News to share” posts…:)





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